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About Me

Well as you have probably guessed by now my name is Sarah Reynolds. I'm currently a web developer and designer, but I think I took the long way round to get here, as you can see from my CV (if you're interested).

The one thing that has always stayed with me is my interest in and love of computers, from first learning to program when I was 8, on a ZX80 and then ZX81 to going back to college and doing my Computer Science Degree, when I was 27. Although I came to my computing career quite late I started as a Developer creating standalone software and quite quickly moved over into the web, where I carried on doing development and database work. However, as I used to enjoy art and I still like to do crafts and use graphic programs it was quite a natural progression for me to start to do the design side as well, so now I do both and love it!

Why the site?

I decided to create this site for a few different reasons, firstly as a kind of storage site where I can keep Links to various sites and things that I find useful and hopefully others will too, I also wanted to be able to have an online version of my CV. That lead to the idea for the Portfolio and Gallery as well, as for a Web Developer and Designer examples speak far better than just the words in a CV.

In part it has also been created to give me a chance to experiment and to keep trying out new things as I keep learning, although I first started to do that on the Mean Teens site that I started to create for my daughter and her friends, which is still very much a work in progress.

Lastly I created it as it seemed mad that I have this web space and I create web sites for everyone else except for me!

What else do I do?

First and foremost I'm a mother to my teenage daughter, which of course is hard work, aren't all kids? I think I'm lucky though as we do get on and have activities in common, such as card making and cross-stitch. We both also read quite a lot, and like a lot of the same books and authors, but when it comes to music we can be very different.

Knitting, crochet and sewing are also crafts that I enjoy, and I make both clothes and toys with these crafts. Another project that I am hoping to start soon is to design my own cross-stitch designs, with a thought to selling them on-line in the future. This year I have also been doing some jewellery making and I'm hoping to put up pictures of some of my work soon. One place I get a lot of inspiration from is Craft Bits especially their Christmas Crafts.

I also have other projects that I don't spend as much time on as I would like to or should, such as my garden and getting more exercise, but one thing I never am is bored!!